Elections: still more abstainers in Occitania

INSEE has examined the voter turnout figures for the two national elections this year: the presidential and the legislative ones. The study reveals more and more abstentionists in the region.

The phenomenon is observed at each electoral meeting and INSEE is now placing figures on this democratic malaise. Yes, the French are increasingly shying away from the ballot box. In Occitania as elsewhere.

Fewer and fewer systematic votes

The percentage of systematic voting, in all rounds, has been declining since 2012 in the regions, after a decade of stability, above 50%. Presidential and legislative elections in 2017 mark a clear drop to 38% of systematic voting, 37% in 2022, one and two small points above the national average.
Systematic abstention has more than doubled in fifteen years, from 8% in 2007 to 15% in 2022.
In Occitania, young people and those over 80 vote less than other age groups. 25% of those under 30 registered did not vote in 2022 and some of the elderly may have difficulty getting around.

Infographic The Independent
Corinne Montardier

Less abstention in the campaign

Another lesson from this study is that systematic voting is more important in rural municipalities. “as well as in small towns”remarks INSEE. “On the other hand, registered voters abstain more often in large urban centers where systematic abstention exceeds 20%”further notes the Institute.

The most educated and the wealthiest abstain less

And voters are not equal when it comes to abstention. “In Occitania as in France, participation increases with the level of diploma”, underlines the INSEE. This is illustrated by our infographic where we also note that the 25% of the wealthiest voters abstain little (7%) while the most modest quarter sulks three times more at the ballot box. The unemployed are 22% to abstain against 12% among the assets.
The social disparities observed in Occitania, this “fracture” between well-to-do and modest inhabitants materializes even in the ballot boxes. The second believe less and less in politics, politics, to improve their standard of living. In the end, it is democracy, even the legitimacy of elected officials, that suffers; the candidates being elected by an ever-shrinking electorate.

Even the presidential election is losing its appeal
The queen of the elections, the presidential, is also losing its appeal even if it continues to mobilize more than the others. In 2022, therefore, 71% of voters in Occitania went to the polls or gave power of attorney during the two rounds of the presidential election, compared to only 41% for the legislative elections that followed.
However, INSEE points out that this presidential election mobilized less than in 2017: “The participation of voters in the two rounds drops by 4 points between 2017 and 2022 in Occitania, unlike the legislative elections where the participation in the two rounds is stable” .

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