Elections, soap opera in the center-left. Letta’s way out: separate chords

It was another day on the edge of tafazzism, in which the agreement (“electoral technical agreement, not political alliance, please”, everyone says) that revolves around the Pd was on the verge of finally bursting between the overflowing of Calenda on social networks, the appeals that came from the big Pd and the piqued responses of Italian left And greens to the pickaxe of the Action leader. But it is not yet said, quite the contrary. Letta works on his plan: separate agreements with Action + Europe and Si-Verdi for the majority , and then hands free. A real, limited electoral technical agreement. It is the last chance.

Yesterday Read he heard Bonelli which gives the green light to the pact with the Democratic Party, e Fratoianni , which he then saw again in the evening after a meeting with Calenda and Della Vedova. “We – Pd sources said – we continue to work for one broader and more plural coalition . We want to confirm the agreement with Action and + Europe.

The intention is to close by tomorrow (today, ed). Time is running out. “From Europa Verde Letta has already been given the go-ahead with a note from the national leadership stating that” the only alliance that can effectively counter the extreme right is that of a democratic front starting from the Democratic Party. This is why we do not consider an alliance with the M5s to be viable “. Italian left it seemed oriented to one online consultation with its members, but could opt for a decision of the national management, which is expected to be favorable. 15-20% of the uninominal candidates would go to the left-green alliance, the remaining 70% would be split between the Democratic Party (70% of the remainder) and Action + Europe. At that point, the hot potato would be in Calenda’s hands: accept the two parallel tracks or break and go alone (or rather with Renzi, who says he is available).

Calenda yesterday for many hours he was very active. “Not even the heading of the agreement with the Democratic Party can be changed” he told Radio 24. “Every day I read statements by Fratoianni and Bonelli who say no to everything. If their position is completely opposite to the agreement with the Democratic Party , the Democratic Party will have to decide whether to keep the agreement with us, upset it or throw in everything and its opposite. But it would have a problem with us “.

“Agenda Draghi? Doesn’t exist. Draghi himself said so. Poor Calenda – the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, replies on Twitter – must run to the stationer’s shop to buy another one”.

The Democratic Party has tried to calm the hot spirits. “Carlo and Fratoianni, stop! – appeals Dario Franceschini – to avoid that Italy ends up in the hands of a sovereign and incapable right. We must respect each other and accept our differences”. But he was talking to the wall. “Dario, outsourcing to volemose does not work well with us – Calenda replies -. You have signed a pact. On the other hand, there is a statement per minute against all this. Clarify. Point”. Letta, after a loud anger and four very frank phone calls, launched the latest mediation. Today or never, go where you need to go.

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