Elections, scourging on the right in the government is useless: there is a class that is not represented

by Leonardo Corbo

Game over. The government chaired by Mario Draghi has come to an end. That the owner class, the establishment, those who defend the status quo (call them whatever you prefer) are sorry and angry remains in the order of the interests of the party. However, that the representatives of the workers, the precarious, the unemployed, the poor feel the same state of mind represents a tangible short circuit. Mario Draghi is a neoliberal and consequently, legitimately, is carrying out those measures. Therefore, the current rag of the garments on the part of the left represents a flaking of the system.

It can be said loudly that the fall of the Draghi government will bring the right to the government. Dear ones, this is called democracy. So rather than thinking about the various ways in which to scourge yourself, try to ask yourself why you will lose. If we have a very strong abstention which class does not vote? For sure the one that does not feel represented. Given that capitalists in Italy enjoy a wide choice in terms of parties, it is the working class, precarious, unemployed and poor that are not represented.

The famous choices of “responsibility” (other is not making the economic crisis burden the working class) by those who represent the latter translate into the Fornero law (for example) and support a neoliberal, very far from the demands of their people. So, don’t be surprised if they voted Lega or they take refuge in abstention. If your modus operandi is constantly choosing the least worst, as in this case the agenda of a neoliberalist, it leads you to conservative attitudes, even these far from the demands of those you represent. This purely Italian way of doing business has produced a cultural, therefore political and economic, structure for workers, the precarious and the unemployed, in which the needs of the latter are not represented for the greater interest of the community (nonsense).

Unfortunately, in Italy there is a large mass of poor, unemployed, precarious and unemployed workers which is not represented. Carrying out their demands and not giving in to compromises (in the name of an alleged responsibility) that often damage them is not radicalism, but simply serving the interests of your side. Your part that for decades (apart from a few measures such as the DRC) has suffered the little if not lack of courage of its representatives.

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