Elections, Calenda already feels he is deputy Draghi: “If he is not available, I am a candidate for prime minister”

Galvanized by surveyscourted by Italy Viva and from Pdreassured by the purchasing campaign started at the expense of Forza Italia, Carlo Calenda he already feels he is an aspiring prime minister. After spending two days dictating the rules to the Democratic partyincluding the no Enrico Letta premier, the MEP and leader of Action he found the right man just in case Mario Draghihis dream for Palazzo Chigi, declined the invitation: the right man is himself.

“We think of a government Dragons bis with a strong component reformist and we are candidates to do this, but a country cannot stop with just one person. So if Draghi says tomorrow he’s not available, then I would apply. We will explain how I intend to govern this country, ”she told SkyTg24. So the secretary of the main coalition party is already out, but he is the right man based on that 6% of which Action (with + Europe) is accredited in the latest survey by Swg for La7.

The country, he explained on Monday, “needs” that the former president of the ECB remains at Palazzo Chigi: “There is one person that we must keep to do the Prime Minister and is called Mario Draghi. If the Italian citizens let us win, I promise we will ask them ”. Then the excommunication of the leader of the Democrats: “By Action and + Europe the candidate for president of the Council cannot be Letta.

Forcing on this point would immediately close the discussion”he thundered a few hours later answering the dem Matteo Ricci who had dared to recall how the secretary is the candidate for president of the council for the party’s ‘statute’. All this almost simultaneously with the opening to an agreement with the Democratic Party “on a common basis of values And programssummarized in the Draghi diary ”and to create a “Broad forehead to beat the right “.

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