Elections, Alternative breaks the alliance with Italexit: the agreement lasted only two days. “Comparison embarks fascists, we are not”

They had presented the list in the Chamber of Deputies three days ago. In the center, in front of reporters and cameras, there was Gianluigi Paragone. To his left, Francesco Forcinitiand to its right Pino Cabrasfounders of Alternative. Is already they promised battle against “technocrats, bankers and multinationals”, throwing into the fray, in spite of himself, Sergio Mattarella, to whom they asked for a derogation on the signatures necessary to run in the elections. But the agreement between Italexit and those who have escaped from the 5-star Movement it lasted just 48 hours. The deputies of Alternativa came out with a note in which they accuse Paragone of embarking neo-fascists. Here it is: “We found the presence – even in the roles of leaders – of organic candidates for neo-fascist-inspired formations”. Because of this “The electoral agreement is dissolved”.

The reporter’s response was not long in coming: “We wanted to unite the forces that in recent months have opposed the green pass, the mandatory vaccine and the health impositions of the Conte and Draghi governments, without discriminating against any. Unfortunately we had to take note of that the only interest of Alternativa was to get positions in the list and to use Italexit like a taxi for the Parliament “.

But what is the point of the clash between the two teams? At the base there is the difficulty, for both (and therefore for the former cartel), to collect signatures to stand for the vote on September 25th. So much so that the same Paragon had defined the pre-electoral passage “as the climbing Everest in flip flops“. And in the press conference he had covertly intimidated the Head of State: “Grant us the exemption or I will be in the square, outside Parliament, to collect the voices of dissent. And we’ll do the math, whatever happens“. Beyond the appeal of fire to Mattarella, Paragone must have thought of plan B. And what better way than to turn to one of the only two extra-parliamentary formations that managed to collect the much-needed signatures in 2018? Not Power to the people, of course, but Casapound. And so the offer to make the leaders was delivered, for a place in Lazio, a Carlotta Chiaraluce. Chiaraluce, companion of Luca Marsella, is one of the best known faces of turtles. So much so that in 2017, in Ostia, the most voted candidate of the history of Town Hall X, with 1788 preferences.

The road to Italexit (which recently welcomed the vicequestora opposed to vaccines and the green certificate, Nunzia Schiliròand the lawyer who defends the victims of Covid, Consuelo Locati) it gets even more uphill. At the end of May Nando Pagnoncelli gave the party a solid 4.5% of the votes. The same Paragon had set the bar above the 3% barrier (“3.6% at the most,” he said). The problem now is bring citizens to banquetsin the August heat, with the Italians in flip-flops (not on Everest, as the hyperbolic image of Paragone wants) but more simply on the water’s edge.

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