Elections 2022: 5 things you should know if you were elected as a member of the polling station

Last Friday, July 22, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) selected a total 505,938 citizens as table members, between holders and substitutes, for the next Regional and Municipal Elections 2022, which will take place on Sunday, October 2.

Through a public lottery, they were selected three regular table members and three substitutes for each of the 84,323 polling stations which must be installed on election day. In this sense, it was also enabled the where the list of all the citizens who will carry out this important work is confirmed.

Were you one of those selected in the draw? These are the 5 things you should know if you were chosen as a table member during the Elections 2022 in Peru.

These are the 5 things you should know if you were elected as a polling station member during the 2022 Elections in Peru. (PHOTO: JESUS ​​SAUCEDO / GEC)


1. The ONPE list is subject to crossing out

If you are one of the 505 thousand 938 citizens who were selected as polling station members during the Regional and Municipal Elections 2022you should know that the preliminary list presented by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) is subject to blemish, established by the Organic Law of Elections.

The strikeout is the appeal filed by citizens against the designation of certain voters who have been drawn as polling station members due to impediments established in the Law 26859. Remember that this establishes that candidates and representatives of political organizations, nor officials and employees of electoral bodies, cannot be selected.

Nor can the political authorities or the citizens who make up the steering committees of the political organizations registered in the electoral system be elected. National Election Jury (JNE)among other cases.

2. Functions of each table member

table chair: The table president is the person who assumes the representation of the table and the conduction of the main acts. He is the authority in charge of ensuring the correct development of the action of defraying.

Functions of the table president:

  • Review the electoral material together with the ONPE staff. Verify that there are enough holograms and cards for your work (1 per voter).
  • Sign the electoral cards.
  • Deliver the signed and folded ballot papers to the voters.
  • Together with the ONPE staff, count the holograms and the cards that will be returned because they have not been used.

Secretary and third table member: They have the obligation to remain with the president, supporting the tasks of the three main moments that every election brings with it: installation of the polling station, voting and counting.

Secretary Duties:

  • Take a list of your classmates and ask them to sign the control sheet. If there are absences, put “Missed” in your signature space.
  • Fill out the minutes for the accredited representatives and the corresponding authorities.
  • Receive the DNI of the voters. Look for the voter on the list and request the agreement of the chairman of the polling station.
  • Indicate to the citizen where he must sign and put his fingerprint after voting.

Functions of the third table member:

  • Paste the hologram on the voter’s ID.
  • Return the DNI to the voter after voting.

Substitutes: They are those citizens selected by the competent authority to replace the table members, in case they do not attend.

Substitute Duties:

  • Arrive early at your polling station.
  • If one of the table members is missing, he must replace it, occupying the lowest position in the hierarchy. For example: if the president is missing, the secretary will become president; the third member, secretary; and the alternate will be the third member.

3. Can I resign from being a table member?

The position of table member is inalienable, unless the person who has been chosen is a person with risk factors for contagion and serious symptoms of COVID-19, pregnant women and those who have children under 2 years of age, according to Headquarters Resolution 002595-2022-JN/ONPE.

If this is your case, you must present an excuse in charge, which can be processed up to five days after the official publication of the list of table members. That is, from the August 15, 2022.

4. What is the financial compensation that I will receive for being a table member?

All polling station members who hold office during the Regional and Municipal Elections 2022will receive financial compensation of 120 soles for each election day (first and second choice).

In that sense, you must remember that the polling station members will be the highest electoral authority at each polling station the next Sunday October 2so the early installation and its correct operation depend on them.

5. What is the fine if I do not fulfill my duty to be a table member?

If you are a table member, you should know that your table will not work until you have at least 3 members with the positions: president, secretary and third member. If you don’t, and you don’t present a justification, you will have an electoral fine, as in previous electoral processes.

This time, the fine for not exercising board member position It is 230 soles.


If you want to know if you are one of the people in charge of the voting tables during the elections on October 2, you must access the . On the website, you will be able to find out if you were selected as one of the table members, regulars or alternates, just by entering your ID or your full name.

The Municipal and Regional Elections will be held on Sunday, October 2.  (GEC Photo/ Elmer Flores)
The Municipal and Regional Elections will be held on Sunday, October 2. (GEC Photo/ Elmer Flores)



The next dates for the electoral process:

  • August 3rd: deadline for the publication of accepted formulas and lists, as well as for the resignation and withdrawal of candidates.
  • August 18th: deadline to resolve strikeouts in the first instance, exclusions of candidates for DJHV and gifts in the same plane.
  • September 2: deadline to resolve appeals on rejection and exclusion of candidates for DJHV and bribes.
  • October 1st: deadline for exclusion due to legal status of the candidate.
  • October 2nd: Regional and Municipal Elections 2022.

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