El Refugio, the first science fiction series in Spanish from StarzPlay, premieres

no spoilers

The production is directed by Pablo Fendrik and stars Zuria Vega, Ana Claudia Talancón and Alberto Guerra. We tell you what we thought WITHOUT SPOILERS.

El Refugio is directed by Pablo Fendrik
© StrazPlayEl Refugio is directed by Pablo Fendrik

After the premiere of the historical series Becoming Elizabeth, StarzPlay becomes science fiction with the launch of The shelter, his new original production. It is the story of a family that, from one moment to another, begins to be victims of a strange supernatural force that threatens them in their home located on the outskirts of Tepoztlan, in Mexico. However, the most striking thing about this phenomenon is that it seems to be present only on their mobile devices, although not before their eyes, something that will lead them to wonder what is real and what is not.

The shelter is an original idea of Julio Rojasthe Chilean writer who surprised not long ago with Case 63 –an audio series also science fiction that deals with a psychiatrist who receives a patient in her office who claims to be a time traveler – in the company of the writers Francis Ortegaknown for the thriller Lodge Y Enrique Videlain charge of the award-winning series based on true events The pack. With the background of its creators, the production already offers viewers an interesting mixture of science fiction, a lot of suspense, although no less drama for that.

Also as if that were not enough, its showrunner and director of all the episodes is Paul Fendrikan undisputed figure of suspense and police in Argentina, recognized by The Bronze Garden and more recently for the crude thriller Between Men.

Now, it is true that the premise about a paranormal force that plagues a town far from civilization has already been seen in various stories of this genre, only that other novel elements are present here that distinguish it at a narrative level and highlight it. above the rest. It is that the viewer can truly enter into the desperation of the characters, who cannot understand what is happening with their lives. Undoubtedly, in this sense, the keys to The shelter they are uncertainty and constant restlessness. In addition, the way in which it is played to tell the facts achieves a mystery as subtle as it is enigmatic. Similarly, the pace at which it is reached is not exactly engaging all the time, but enough to make you want to see more.

Meanwhile, if a second element should be highlighted in The shelter, that would be the visual. Not only the photography but each one of the planes with which the production was filmed have the right detail to build a significant aesthetic harmony. At some point, a lot of work is done from this aspect to generate a gloomy atmosphere already from the first minutes.

We must not forget the dramatic subplot that the story has and that also has a preponderant role. It is necessary to mention that many times in horror or science fiction series the everyday is not correctly articulated with the mystery of the story. This is not the case with the series. StarzPlay, which also has the production of Pablo and Juan de Dios Larrainalso executive producers of miss 89a thriller by Lucía Puenzo about the shady handling of beauty pageants.

In their first episode, they are already ahead conflicts with the past and sentimental and family entanglements that are added to the main plot providing more and more expectation. The public will reveal these secrets as the chapters pass.

On the other hand, the series did not skimp on its cast either. In fact, it’s packed with familiar faces in the TV industry like Zuria Vega, Alberto Guerra, Ana Claudia Talancón, Diego Escalona Zaragoza, Camila Valero and Alfredo Castro. It is clear that the connection between Vega, Guerra and Talancón is paramount and their links will dismember other interesting unknowns in history.

The shelter has six one-hour episodes. In Latin America and Spain you can already see its first chapter from this Thursday June 23 on StarzPlay, while the rest will be released weekly.

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