El Polaco and a tense chat with Marcelo Tinelli after his departure from "sing with me now": the details

The Polish Is living a great moment on a personal level, after his reconciliation with Barby Silenzi, but in the labor plane, in the last days his name was on everyone’s lips. It was known that the artist was terminated from the new program Marcelo Tinelli, “Sing with me now.”

The singer was summoned to be a jury, but on July 18, the day the recordings of the reality show begandid not show up and was replaced by Lula Rosenthal.

On the Friday broadcast of “Show Partners”, confirmed that the artist had a conversation with Marcelo Tinelli and his team, which changed the landscape. The Polish that the first day he had to go record among the 100 jurors, in that brutal bet that is going to be made, he was not there and they sent him home. It seems that after they have spared his life…“, advancement Rodrigo Lussitch.

El Polaco, reconciled with Barby Silenzi.

In that sense, Mariana Brey indicated that there was a negotiation with the cumbiero and that the production of the program of course got angry with Ezequiel Iván Cwirkaluk, real name of The Polish. In addition, the panelist assured that her absence was caused by a recital in which the musician participated.

For your partPaula Varela told that Karina’s ex “La Pincesita” has already begun his participation in the format. Well he is recording, but for example next week everything is recorded in two days because of the shows they have. a lack of respect“, he explained.

“I want to greet all the people. I was in Jujuy, I did a thousand shows, complicated flights. But nothing, it’s always a pleasure to accompany Marcelo in all his projects, so I’m here “, assured the artist in a report.

El Polaco explained the reason for his absence on the first day of recording “Sing With Me Now”.

“Didn’t you stand up to Marcelo? Why did everyone come out to say…”, The mobile player gave his opinion, to which El Polaco replied: “No, never. The good thing about this country is that people like to talk.” About his hand-in-hand talk with Tinelli, the cumbiero said: He welcomed me in the dressing room.”

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