El Noba’s mother recalled her son’s hospitalization: "They treated me crazy"

A month and a half after the death of El Noba after a tragic accident, vanessa arandahis mother, spoke with Luli Fernandez in “Show Partners” and recounted how his son’s last moments were. “I have a photo with his hand, which is the one I put in a post I made when it was a month old. That day I took the photo”he explained first.

Also, the singer’s momspoke about the attitude of the medical staff towards this fact:A little everyone treated me crazy. Some say that my son said goodbye to me at that moment and I did not want to understand. You saw him and he was sleeping. His head was fine, that’s why I say he had so much faith. I had blind faith that he was going to come out alive.”Aranda said with tears in her eyes.

Let us remember that the real name of the cumbiero was Lautaro Colonel, who died after almost two weeks of hospitalization, after the serious accident he suffered with his motorcycle on May 24 last. The musician had been hit by a car while driving in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, from which he was a native.

The Noba, remembered by his loved ones.

“After carrying out the evaluations required for his certification, we regret to report the death of Lautaro Coronel, who remained hospitalized in the adult intensive care unit of our hospital. We accompany the family at this time”assured the medical statement.

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