El Marginal, season 5: the unusual continuity error in the Netflix series


The Marginal came to an end with the fifth season on Netflix, but the public did not forgive him for a continuity error in one of his first scenes.

The Marginal, season 5: the unusual continuity error in the Netflix series.
© NetflixThe Marginal, season 5: the unusual continuity error in the Netflix series.

One week has passed since the premiere of the fifth and final season of The fringe on the streaming service Netflix, closing the history of the series that began on Public TV in 2016 and captivated the public in a remarkable way. After the end, the fans expressed themselves on social networks, but a TikTok user found an error that he described as unusual in one of his scenes. Do not miss it!

After the events developed in the fourth installment, the new six episodes are temporarily located three years after the escape of Diosito and Pastor, who was captured again. One must continue to deal with the consequences of his actions behind bars in Puente Viejo, while the other tries to find his place in freedom. For his part, Mario Borges and his band are preparing to settle accounts with the U-21, under the watchful eye of the institution’s new director, Sergio Antín.

+The continuity error in El Marginal 5

Parallel to the known confrontations, the figure of Bardplayed by Ariel Staltari, with whom we spoke in spoilers. This character takes a new, more conflictive stance as he does not feel comfortable with the Borgeses and maintains a union with medinathe head of the religious pavilion inside Puente Viejo, who performs a kind of ritual to “free the prisoners from their sins” in one of his scenes. There was a continuity error there!

TikTok user @marcosjulian0 posted a video of the beginning of episode 2 of the final season of The fringein which Medina is performing the ceremony while holding a cigar in his hand. In the scene it is clearly seen that the cigar passes from the right hand to the left in different planes, while the character’s dialogue continuesso it is a failure in its continuation.

In the publication, the tiktoker criticizes the Argentine production for this error, but it is quite common within the content in general, so many national, from the Latin American region or from Hollywood. One of the most remembered on television in recent years is the glass of coffee in a scene from game of Thrones or historical as the reflection of the cameramen in the house of Mia Wallace in pulp fiction.

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