‘El Marginal 4’: who are the new characters of this season

‘The Marginal’ go back to Netflix with a fourth season with a global premiere on January 19 produced by Underground and Telemundo Streaming Studios. The series stars Juan Minujín, Nicolás Furtado, Martina Gusmán, Claudio Rissi and Gerardo Romano, and with the additions of Luis Luque, Rodolfo Ranni, Ariel Staltari.

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What will the fourth season of ‘El Marginal’ be about?

Official synopsis:

After the San Onofre fire, the fates of Pastor (Juan Minujín), Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) and Diosito (Nicolás Furtado) are seen again in the Puente Viejo prison. The reunion between Pastor and Diosito will revive strong feelings for both of them.

To this this fight is added César (Abel Ayala), who was transferred there, and is the leader of the Sub21. From the outside, Sergio Antín (Gerardo Romano) will operate to seize the power of the jail, facing the current director. And Emma Molinari (Martina Gusmán) will work to help Pastor in a dangerous new escape attempt.

Who are the characters?

Pastor (Juan Minujín)

Miguel’s objective is to escape the country with his family, he is arrested and transferred to the Puente Viejo prison where his destiny crosses him again with that of Mario Borges, Diosito and Cesar.

His goal is to be free again and enjoy life as an ordinary person with Emma, ​​her son Lucas and Emma’s daughter Micaela. But he will have to survive, be smart, calculate every move like a strategist. An old problem from the past even comes back regarding an ex, Silvia, Lucas’s mother.

Juan Pablo ‘Diosito’ Borges (Nicolás Furtado)

Diosito arrives at Puente Viejo with a life sentence and will meet again with Pastor. In turn, he will want revenge for having deceived him and wanting to murder him, he will deepen his feelings and contradictions. You will miss your feelings and contradictions.

Along with Borges and the rest of the gang, Diosito arrives at Puente Viejo with a life sentence. There, he meets Pastor again. At the same time that he will want revenge for having deceived him and for wanting to kill him, he will sharpen his feelings and contradictions. Assuming the new reality, he will be encouraged to move away from what hurts and hurts him, showing dissatisfaction and trying to regain control of his life.

Emma Molinari (Martina Gusmán)

After Pastor is arrested and sent to Puente Viejo after the attempted escape as a family, Emma continues with her vocation as a social worker and will take responsibility for their children.

On the other hand, she tries to help from the outside and becomes the wife of an ordinary prisoner, visiting him regularly and worrying about him. In turn, Pastor does not want to involve her in what happens in the Old Bridge. However, she seeks to collaborate and include herself in his plans and is willing to take risks for him.

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Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi)

After the sentence to serve life imprisonment, Borges enters Puente Viejo as one more prisoner, without privileges or special “arrangements”. He and his gang will have to consider starting from scratch and rebuilding their power from the ashes.

Gladys will be your support and the one who manages your business from outside. In this new season, you must earn the trust of Coco and her family, protected by Director Galván. Borges will have to appeal to all his capacity for the “thread” and the strategy.

Sergio Antín (Gerardo Romano)

Antín will have a new position as Secretary of Penitentiary Security and the country’s prisons were left in his charge, thanks to a political arrangement that rescued him after the San Onofre fire. But, the instability in the government can jeopardize their desire to have everything under control. This is why he will try to seize the power of Puente Viejo, facing Galván, the director. In addition, he continues to have pending accounts with Borges.

Coco (Luis Luque)

He is one of the most powerful prisoners in Puente Viejo. He is located in a VIP Pavilion with his son-in-law Bardo, his sons Enzo and Caspa and the latter’s girlfriends, Cielo and Alelí.

They all dine together, have family conflicts and business discussions. With the arrival of the Borges and Pastor band, everything changes.

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