El Chombo gives Farruko the go-ahead to "Under world"

Gerard govea

El Chombo He spoke of who gives the name to musical genres, among them the Dominican Dembow; because in the last weeks Farruko noted that he created a new genre, called “Under world“, a concept that was born from the Guaracha.

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Through his “Chombal wisdom”, he mentions that Farruko’s detractors will not say that he cannot change the name of Guaracha because it already existed (although there were already more versions of the genre), but what Farruko did was grab something that was already there. and he put lyrics to it (it has verses and choruses), modifying it and changing the original structure, but he did not completely leave the system, so he calls it, a fusion. If you wanted to get out completely, you would have to eliminate the trumpets and saxophones and keep the base of the Tumpa Tumpa House.

El Chombo points out that nobody is the owner of a rhythmic pattern; Neither Jamaica owns the Tumpa Tumpa, and that Panama was the first to sing it in Spanish, but with the name “Pounder”; just as Cuba did not invent the key, despite being the first to implement them in a genre, which was later called salsa.

He recognizes that what Farruko wants to do with “Bajo Mundo” makes sense, because he wants to specify something that he does; But he even has to wait for the rest of the industry to accept him and there he would have, validate and acknowledge his idea. “Baptizing a genre does not happen overnight, it is a process, but of course, from the moment that the product has different characteristics or a unique seasoning, it has the right to demand its own name.

El Chombo presents: A strange episode.


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