“El Chavo del 8″: La Chilindrina, the series that was canceled due to the pandemic

2022 did not start well for Marie Antoinette of the Snows, the actress known for playing ‘The chilindrina‘, after learning that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Despite the result, the Mexican recovered quickly and was ready to move forward with her bioseries, when she discovered that the project had been cancelled.

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The star of “Chavo del 8” With much regret, he informed his millions of followers that he will not be able to carry out the bioseries that had given him so much hope, due to problems that are out of his hands. Find out all the details below.

María Antonieta de las Nieves began to play La Chilindrina in 1975 (Photo: File)


Due to the pandemic and the high number of infections, the production of the bioseries decided to put an indefinite pause. This saddened the actress, although deep down it meant a break from her busy schedule, because now she will have more time to dedicate herself to the circus that she faithfully performs every year.

In an interview with “window”, María Antonieta said that the project had to stop in an emergency and could not wait to resume it, since she is immersed in other matters:

“Mine was cancelled, I had one already agreed, already signed, the one I had written, but with everything from the pandemic it could not be carried out and right now I can no longer be on standby, or I do the series or I do the Circo de la Chilindrina and honestly the circus suits me better”.


Despite the fact that the project could be resumed in the coming months, she no longer has the availability to carry it out, since her current commitments are much more important.

“Yes, I have already committed myself all this year to being with that company, I will be with that company if God wants me to be in good health and the rest will be little by little, whatever falls, I will see what I should do. It was a nice project that filled me with hope At the time, it was worth it.” commented.

'La Chilindrina' giving a show with her circus in Lima, Peru (Photo: La Chilindrina oficial / Facebook)
‘La Chilindrina’ giving a show with her circus in Lima, Peru (Photo: La Chilindrina oficial / Facebook)


The actress also stressed that she is in good health and that by testing positive for Covid-19 He only had mild symptoms, so he was able to recover in a short time.

“Nothing else gave me so much hoarseness, I had so much phlegm and it was over. no body pain […] gthank god, is that I had three vaccines. Not only the two from Pfizer, but they had already given me the booster. So thanks to that I say it didn’t hit me hard “, ended.

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“La Chilindrina” reveals to be economically affected by the coronavirus crisis
The popular Mexican actress has been affected by Covid-19 since she has had to suspend all presentations with her circus and does not receive income. null

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