Eight UCLouvain auditoriums renamed with women’s names during an action

The participants hope through this action, on the occasion of the day for the fight against sexist and sexual violence, to “activate” the reflection of the academic authorities on the toponymy of learning spaces.

The Coubertin, Mercator, Pythagore, Lavoisier, Cyclotron, Lemaître, Socrate and Sud audiences respectively became Alice Milliat, Angela Davis, Catherine Johnson, Christiane Taubira, Mae Jemison, Rosalind Francklin, Irène Kaufer and Rachel Carson following this action of bonding.

Currently, only two auditoriums at UCLouvain officially bear the name of a woman. “One of the gender-based violence that women experience day to day is their under-representation in the public space. The street belongs to men, knowledge spaces are associated with men. How can we expect women to feel entitled to own the streets when most of the names and people represented there are men? How can they project themselves into great scientific careers when no model to identify with is put forward in front of our audiences? », Comment the participants in this symbolic night-time action.

For them, students can no longer evolve in spaces whose names were thought up in the 70s, when gender issues were not taken into account. An internal working group at UCLouvain has been created to reflect on the toponymy of audiences, but its reflections have not yet led to concrete changes.

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