Edouard: What has become of Elodie Frégé’s ex since Star Academy 3?

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The last time, you were able to discover what had become of Georges-Alain Jones since his participation in the second season of Star Academy. For this Wednesday, November 17, we decided to take an interest in another candidate from the show … It’s Edouard! The young man was known in season 3 of the Star Academy. Eliminated at the sixth premium of this adventure, Edouard will have marked the show thanks to his love affair with Elodie Frégé, the big winner of this season 3. But then since this adventure on TF1 what has become of Edouard? We let you discover it a little lower in this article.

If Edouard did not have a career as a singer, he did so as a musician! Moreover, Internet users quickly recognized it last January in Mystery Duos where he was one of the musicians of the program presented by Alessandra Sublet. And for several years, Edouard has made a place for himself in the world of music … He has notably collaborated with Gérald de Palmas, Charles Aznavour or even Phil Collins!

Alongside music, Edouard has also embarked on the catering industry, since he opened his pizzeria in Paris. A restaurant he opened with his wife. Edouard is therefore a couple! As for social networks, he is rather discreet … His Instagram account is even private and only 3,600 subscribers can follow his daily life! In addition, we let you discover what has become of Alexandra, the princess of Secret Story 2.

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