EdF: Veretout gets angry, he didn’t steal anything

Questioned by some observers, Jordan Veretout has finally decided to respond to those who think that his presence in the France team for the World Cup is just a story of cronyism.

During the announcement of the group of players summoned by Didier Deschamps to play the World Cup in Qatar, one name triggered a small wave of astonishment, that of Jordan Veretout. Not that the presence of the Olympique de Marseille player is scandalous, far from it, but it has revived the controversy concerning the proximity of the manager of the France team with the company of the former president of the ‘AS Monaco, Vadim Vasilyev, who manages the interests of Jordan Veretout. While Bachir Nehar, the steward in question, completely denied a possible position in favor of Veretout with Didier Deschamps, the French international remained silent. At least until this Sunday, since the OM midfielder has decided to respond to these attacks.

Veretout does not think he has usurped his place with France

In the columns of La Provence, Jordan Veretout deflated this whole story, and set the record straight. “ I did not have these agents when I arrived in the France team. I had Italian agents. My selection is the merit of the field where I have shown a very beautiful face in recent weeks. I was rewarded for that. The person who came to fetch me was not Bachir (…) Me, I don’t work with Bachir, I work with a person called Chahir. It was he who brought me back to Vadim, not Bashir. People can say whatever they want. The reason that allowed me to be selected for the World Cup is the terrain and my performance. If I had been bad, the coach would not have called me “, remarked the midfielder of the Blues and OM, who thinks that Didier Deschamps is not the type to be influenced when making his choices.

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