EdF: The Blues treated as cowards, blows rain down

The France team will be particularly expected during the World Cup in Qatar. Some Blues players are quite uncomfortable with certain social issues.

Qatar will therefore be the center of the world from November 20. If the country tries to reassure on Human Rights and on issues related to ecology, the World Cup is nonetheless highly criticized. In Qatar, homosexuality is prohibited and heavily punished. In England, Hugo Lloris has a habit of supporting the LGBT community by wearing a rainbow armband. The world champion porter, captain of the France team, would have liked to do the same at the World Cup. But the president of the French Football Federation, NoΓ«l Le GraΓ«t, advised him not to do so. And apparently, this exit hit the mark on the former OL player, who recently indicated at a press conference that he would adapt to the laws of Qatar. What make some fans and observers jump. This is particularly the case of Thierry Bretagne.

A deplorable lack of courage!

On the antennaEuropean 1the consultant did not mince his words to criticize the behavior of Lloris and the Blues in general. β€œLe GraΓ«t is badly placed to lead a great crusade. And behind, Lloris aligns with FIFA. But Lloris said the opposite before saying he would wear the armband. Varane and our soft knee team send the UberEats peace delivery guys! They give NGOs what we cannot do. We are in a very bad place. Le GraΓ«t pledges allegiance to FIFA, which pledges allegiance to Qatar and invests here. That wouldn’t prevent us from being a little brave not to give in to this fatalism. We can still continue to have convictions ”, in particular cursed Thierry Bretagne, very disappointed by the overall attitude of the France team concerning its reaction to the policy pursued by Qatar. If it is difficult to predict the result that the Blues will have at the World Cup, it is however certain that they are not advancing in the most total climate of serenity …

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