EdF: Pavard on the street, the Clauss controversy back

Benjamin Pavard obtained the lowest rating among the players of the French team in L’Equipe after the victory of the Blues against Australia (4-1).

Aligned as right-back by Didier Deschamps, Benjamin Pavard did not deliver an unforgettable performance. At fault on the Australian goal, where he completely dropped the marking of striker Craig Goodwin, the Munich defender then did the defensive work without ever providing an obvious solution of doubling behind Ousmane Dembélé in attack. A disappointing performance which earned him a score of 4/10 in L’Equipe this Wednesday the day after France-Australia. “His anticipation in the axis on the Australian goal was fatal to the Blues. An action that could summarize its investment difficulties in the first period. He still recovered 5 balloons. With the ball, Didier Deschamps very quickly asked him to find Ousmane Dembélé more quickly. wrote the national daily about Benjamin Pavard, still so criticized on social networks, where French supporters do not understand how Didier Deschamps can prefer the Munich resident to Jonathan Clauss or even Ferland Mendy, two players capable of playing on the left as on the right.

Jonathan Clauss panics the Twittersphere

“Explain to me what Pavard has more than Clauss really I still don’t understand his absence”, “If Jonathan Clauss was in Benjamin Pavard’s place you would never have taken this goal. And yeah Didier”, “Pavard this guy holds while Clauss and Kalulu are at home”, “Pavard’s match… Jonathan Clauss forces you”, “I dare not even imagine when Dembélé returns to the axis with a Clauss who would have split in his lane…”, “Sad for Lucas (Hernandez), but Deschamps professional fault for not having taken Clauss who can play on both sides…” or “Good choice Pavard rather than Clauss in any case…” can we read on Twitter, where the majority of supporters regret the non-selection of Jonathan Clauss, both to compete with Benjamin Pavard but also to provide a solution on the left, where the OM side has also played from the start of the season. With the injury of Lucas Hernandez in the first match, Jonathan Clauss would not have been too much to compensate for a possible future absence of Théo Hernandez during this World Cup.

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