EdF: Four years after the Russian fiasco, Rabiot is furious

Ejected from the French team before the title in 2018, Adrien Rabiot returns in 2022 with the ambition to seize his chance fully. No matter the sacrifices to be made.

Didier Deschamps had easy forgiveness. Very unconvincing in his last outings with the France team before the 2018 World Cup, Adrien Rabiot had made an impression with his statements, in particular the fact that he had admitted that he had not forced during a match in Bulgaria because of the cold and fear of injury. Result, the midfielder had been snubbed by Didier Deschamps for the World Cup in Russia. The response of the former PSG player had been quite terrible since he had refused to be part of the list of reservists, believing that he was taken or not taken, and did not have to overcome a possible forfeit in the team of France. For a few months, the coach therefore did without him before bringing him back without really justifying himself. Due to the many midfield absences, not only is Adrien Rabiot in the squad, but he has a great chance of starting in Qatar.

The big disappointment of 2018 for Rabiot

At a press conference, the midfielder spoke about his status, explaining that he was ready to make any sacrifices for the Blues, and that his absence in Russia did not prevent him from considering himself as one of the captains. ” I have a different personality on the pitch than off, I’m there to help my teammates, it’s natural for me, I want to win. I had to play in several positions in the France team. I have often been criticized for not wanting to do it in the past… I feel good, the important thing is to be able to respond present. I prefer to play where I am the best, where I can give all my abilities to help the group. It already excites me to be there, a starter most likely, it’s a lot of responsibility in a competition like this, but I’m ready to take it on “Warned Adrien Rabiot, who claims to have had trouble digesting” the big disappointment “of his absence from the 2018 World Cup. I worked a lot to be there, at the 2022 World Cup. I don’t take it as revenge, no, but I am grateful for everything that has happened since my return to Blue. I take it as luck “Explained the former PSG player, who will try to bring control and power to the tricolor game in the coming days.

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