EdF: Benzema, Maignan, Pogba, he has nightmares

Concern is rising in the France team as the competition approaches, with questions about the physical condition of the players. The doctor of the Blues Franck Le Gall is in the front row and confides.

The real star of the France team, at least before the World Cup, is Franck Le Gall. The doctor of the Blues admits never having experienced a preparation like that. France is clearly the country most affected by injuries, and that gives him a job three times higher than usual. A frantic pace linked to this World Cup in the middle of the season, when the players do not even have time to recharge the batteries before starting the group stage. ” Normally, the players leave their club, recuperate for a few days, then we have ten days to bring them to the same level and we have two or three friendly matches before leaving for the competition. There is a series of events that give us time to get into it. There, it’s raw formwork. They arrive, we take them as they are, without time to adapt “Explained the deputy of Didier Deschamps, necessarily pointed the finger and questioned after the packages which have multiplied since the fall.

Maignan and Pogba, the two hard blows

Decisions that are painful each time and that do not leave him indifferent, he who always wonders if he could have done better in the protocol or the follow-up for the players who finally had to give up. ” Obviously a package is also a pain for me, I’m unhappy for them. For Paul (Pogba) for example, it was very hard. At the beginning, we tell ourselves that there is a solution and after we redo the medical history, we tell ourselves that if we – him, the club and us – had done otherwise, it might have been different. Mike’s package (Maignan) also hurts a lot. There too, we redo the film and we wonder how it is possible to get to this end.entrusted the “Doc” to the Parisian.

For Karim Benzema, there is no package at the moment, and the Ballon d’Or is in the group of Blues, but in what form? The uncertainty is total and Franck Le Gall readily acknowledges it when he talks about KB9, but also Raphaël Varane and Jules Koundé. ” If everything goes as planned, they will all be operational by the weekend. Understand that on the muscular, we are always careful. The first steps are never complicated. It is the last ones, the sprint, the accelerations, the ball strikes, those which validate what you have done before, which are more at risk. But what has been done so far seems consistent to me “Explained the one who wants to be cautious, and can not go in the opposite direction of a Didier Deschamps always convinced that he will quickly have his group available.

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