EdF: Accused Griezmann, stand up!

Antoine Griezmann is going through an incredible period of scarcity with the France team, to the point of taking the risk of losing his starting place.

The France team has still not won a match in this Nations League, with two draws and one defeat. Antoine Griezmann, who enjoys the confidence of Didier Deschamps, fails to reverse the trend and even seems to be seriously plunging at all levels. His performance against Austria this Friday evening, where he was absent from the debates and was mainly signaled by bad actions, did not escape anyone. At the origin of the Austrian goal, the player of Atlético de Madrid lost a ball causing the imbalance of his team, and offensively, the native of Mâcon failed to find his partners.

Even on a set piece, his left foot did nothing. When it came out, the French game gained in fluidity and inevitably, the followers of the meeting were merciless for “Grizi”. “ It still starts with a loss of ball from number 7 of EDF on a rather innocuous full-axis ball where he puts Benzema in the shit. Griezmann that we still feel out of time and out of rhythm to dictate a real tempo continuously on this first half “, thus accused the journalist of Winamax Walid Acherchour, who recognized that Benzema had not really made the effort to catch up with the error of his teammate on this one. But the scarcity continues, and Didier Deschamps is therefore invited to seriously consider the future appearances of Griezmann, whose immunity totem resists more and more difficult.

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