Ed Sheeran took the family on a trip: Dad’s the best guy

Carrying children is frustrating now. Apart from the fact that the puppies like to be close to their parents, it is also very practical. When you have – as in the case Eda Sheerana – children now two and you want to go for a walk, you would not have any free hands due to two prams. And so the singer goes with the times and ties his newborn, only four-week-old daughter in a scarf.

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It should be noted that she probably liked it a lot, because she didn’t even beep during the whole walk. Lyra Antarctica’s older, almost two-year-old daughter, on the other hand, did not close her mouth. It’ll probably be Dad’s showman. That Ed’s family took a trip to central London is quite surprising. The singer carefully guards his privacy, and even shows his wife Cherry in public only in exceptional cases. Nobody knew about her second pregnancy. Ed did not announce this to his fans via Instagram until the day the second daughter was born.

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