Ecuador bogs down Qatar as soon as it enters the World Cup

Like a mirage in the middle of the desert, Qatar barely had any illusions against a solid Ecuadorian team led by Enner Valencia, a double scorer. The next two games are likely to be long for Sánchez Bas’s men, as well as the Qataris in the stands.


Qatar 0-2 Ecuador

Goals: Valencia (16e SP and 31e) for Sorting

A score sheet does not say everything. Because if we were to stick only to everything that preceded the first quarter of an hour of play of this World Cup, monster traffic jams excepted, Qatar succeeded in its challenge. By bringing together more than 60,000 people in a stadium 40 terminals from downtown Doha, in the middle of the desert, without it being too hot and avoiding panic as during the last test match, the Emirate could boast of having been up to it. The preview sound and light show confirmed this. However, the splendor quickly flakes, the fault of the Ecuadorian experience and the sense of goal of Enner Valencia. Thus, the whole world discovered the feverishness of the Qatar selection and the frivolity of its supporters, many of whom had deserted their folding seats at half-time. It’s definitely a funny tournament that awaits us.

Qatar late

“Football unites the World. » It was with these words that Gianni Infantino launched the 22e World Cup. What the President of FIFA did not know was that four minutes later, an arbitration decision would divide a lot of spectators in front of their TV (less at the stadium since at a glance 80% are pro-Qataris). Admittedly, Enner Valencia had indeed cooled Al-Bayt’s Bedouin-inspired tent with a header into the empty goal, but VAR returned to the duel between Felix Torres and goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb. Mr. Orsato then had no choice but to formalize the Ecuadorian offside and give a second chance to the Annabi to compete better.

The problem being that, despite all the efforts made, Qatar simply presents a distressing level. The alignment of the defense and a new exit at the dates of goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb, mowing down Enner Valencia launched full ball, obliges the refereeing body to award a penalty to the Sorting and its captain to open the score for good (0-1, 16e). The buffers that the Fenerbahçe player then receives does not prevent him from appreciating Preciado’s cross and doubling the score with a magnificent uncrossed header (0-2, 31e).

Ecuadorian air conditioning

The Bordeaux are corked and even come to miss their touches. In an opener that looks deceptively like a 32e final of the Coupe de France, the Petit Pouet still gets a huge thrill before the break, except that Almoez Ali does not manage to fit his head in front of the frame. Fifteen minutes and hundreds of Qatari spectators less, Gonzalo Plata offers himself a festival, but his attackers cannot seize his tense center, while Romário Ibarra finds him the gloves of Al-Sheeb. A local reaction? Full-back Pedro Miguel takes the best in the air (for once) over Estupinan, but his header leans wide, then Akram Afif tries from a distance before Muntari can adjust his half-volley. The Catalan coach of Qatar Felix Sánchez Bas can eat his hands, it will not be enough to prove Prince Al-Thani totally right: the step was too high for the 50e nation in the FIFA ranking, the first host nation to lose the opening match, and the next meetings against Senegal, then the Netherlands will not be more affordable, far from it.
Qatar (5-3-2): Al-Sheeb – Pedro Miguel, Al-Rawi, Khoukhi, Hassan, Ahmed – Al-Hayddos (Waad, 72e), Boudiaf, Hatem–Ali (Muntari, 72e), Afif. Coach: Felix Sanchez Bas.

Equator (4-3-3): Galindez – Preciado, Torres, Hincapie, Estupinan – Plata, Méndez, Caicedo (Franco, 90e) , Ibarra (Sarmiento, 68e) – Valencia (Cifuentes, 79e), Estrada (Rodriguez, 90e). Coach: Gustavo Alfano.

By Mathieu Rollinger, at Al-Bayt Stadium

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