Echo: The creation of Hawkeye’s spin-off explained by the producer

Series Hawkeye is eagerly awaited by fans of the MCU! The first two episodes of the Disney + series will land on the platform from November 24, 2021. The opportunity to find Avenger Clint Barton but also to discover new characters. Among them, Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld but also Echo to whom Alaqua Cox will lend his features. If the first will be the teammate of the famous archer, the second should first be presented as an antagonist given the original comics. Despite this, the character will benefit from a spin-off soon on Disney +.

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Echo in the Marvel comics. – Credit (s): Disney +

Indeed, even before the broadcast ofHawkeye on the streaming giant, Marvel studios have already ordered a show dedicated to the heroine. A surprising choice on the part of the Maison des Idées on which the producer of the series returned, during an interview with the Murphy’s Multiverse : “She’s so badass in this show. She really impressed us all with her determination and hard work to make sure Maya Lopez is what everyone imagines. I have to say there was. a little nervous at first because Alaqua was not part of the film industry until today “ Trinh Tran first confided.

Alaqua Cox on the set of Hawkeye.
Alaqua Cox on the set of Hawkeye. – Credit (s): Marvel

The latter then went on to stress the determination of the actress, an argument that would have motivated the production and which would have pushed her to offer her own series to the character of Echo: “Having someone brand new and asking them to play a character like Maya Lopez is a huge challenge. She took it head on, worked hard, and proved to us that a deaf character is capable of being part of the MCU and being a superhero in her own right..” We can’t wait to find out what Alaqua Cox will be capable of in the series Hawkeye. However, something tells us that given the teasing of the producer and in view of the enthusiasm collected by Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) in The Eternals, fans should once again be amazed by this new character. Answer from next week on Disney +.

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