Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman: why they did not spend New Year together

One of the most famous couples of the moment, in Turkey, is the one made up by the actress Ebru Sahin and the basketball player Cedi Osman, who do not hide their love, well, they are seen very much in love on social networks. However, something that caught the attention of many was not seeing photos of both celebrating the arrival of the new year. What happened?

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the young actress Ebru Sahin He has achieved public recognition due to his great participation in the telenovela “Hercai: love and revenge”, where he shares leading roles with the actor Akin Akinozu. The Ottoman drama was a complete success not only in Turkey but in countries like Spain, the United States, Argentina, Peru, among others.

Hercai is a 2019 Turkish television series starring Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü (Photo: Mia Yapım)

But fortune and good luck have also smiled on the actress sentimentally. Ebru Sahin, who has been in a relationship with the basketball player for more than a year Cedi Osman. The couple is already thinking about getting married, because in September 2021 the athlete gave the young actress an engagement ring.

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Ebru Sahin Y Cedi Osman They are also characterized by constantly exchanging signs of affection through social networks. That is why their fans have considered them one of the most romantic couples in the artistic world in Turkey.

The traditional hand request that the basketball player made to the actress (Photo: Ebru Sahin / Cedi Osman / Instagram)
The traditional hand request that the basketball player made to the actress (Photo: Ebru Sahin / Cedi Osman / Instagram)


A Ebru Sahin Y Cedi Osman They are always seen united and enjoying various moments together, although at the end of 2021 they could not celebrate the arrival of the new year. This worried his fans a lot and there were those who slipped the possibility that something was not going very well in the sentimental relationship.

Ebru Sahin remembered for playing Reyyan in the telenovela “Hercai” greeted the New Year 2022 without her boyfriend Cedi Osman, according .

The main reason why the couple did not spend the New Year together -according to the portal- was because Cedi Osman tested positive for coronavirus.

Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman show their happiness in each of the photos they publish.  (Photo: Ebru Sahin/Cedi Osman/Instagram)
Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman show their happiness in each of the photos they publish. (Photo: Ebru Sahin/Cedi Osman/Instagram)


Cedi Osman He has been dedicated to basketball for several years and is currently part of the professional team Cleveland Cavaliers de la NBA in the United States, which activated all the protocols against COVID-19.

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In that sense, coach JB Bickerstaff told the media that Darius Garland approved the COVID-19 protocols and practices were held on Monday, January 10, although whoever did not participate in this was Cedi Osman, according .


It should be noted that the majority of players of the teams that belong to the NBA have already been vaccinated; however, the infections are still continuing, which is why several have had to enter the league’s health and safety protocols, according to .

In the team Cleveland Cavaliers a list of players who will not play some games was made. Among them is Cedi Osman who could miss 5 basketball games.


Ebru Sahin is a Turkish actress and model, winner of multiple awards such as the Golden Butterfly, one of the most important awards in Ottoman entertainment. She is primarily known for her work on “Hercai”.

Şahin was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 18, 1994. Taurus and 1.64 meters tall, the interpreter considers herself a reserved person.

Awards and nominations. Although he has very little experience, it is enough for his talent to be recognized. In 2020 Ebru won an Altın Marka Ödülleri award and an Altın Palmiye Ödülleri award; both for Best Actress. Last year he won the statuette in the same category at the 46th Altın Kelebek Awards.


That’s how it is. Ebru Sahin, the protagonist of the hit series “Hercai”, surprises her fans by speaking Spanish. The actress has been fluent in Spanish on the Instagram account of a well-known Turkish network.

And the actress knows that she has a large number of fans who speak Spanish and, therefore, she wanted to teach them some phrases in Turkish and translate them into Spanish, demonstrating her ability with languages. In the post, Ebru Sahin translates typical Turkish phrases like hello, how are you, take care, etc.

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