Earthquake in the Marche and Abruzzo, a quake of magnitude 4.1. Trains stopped

Ascoli Piceno, June 9, 2022 – A stronger shock, which was followed by a milder replication: the earth shook again today, June 9, 2022, between Marche and Abruzzo and, as a precaution, the rail traffic on the Ancona – Pescara linein the stretch between Porto San Giorgio and Alba Adriatica. This was announced by Trenitalia, specifying that a verification of the technicians is in progress. In addition, a train stopped at Pedaso station to allow a traveler to be rescued felt bad.

Magnitdo 4,1 and 2,1

The strongest shock, according to the measurements of theIngv (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology)occurred at 13.18, with magnitude 4.1, depth of 11 kilometers and with epicenter in Adriatic Seafacing the coast of Ascoli Piceno. But the consequences were felt distinctly also in Abruzzo, in particular in the province of Teramo..

4.1 earthquake of 9 June: epicenter at sea (Openstreetview)
4.1 earthquake of 9 June: epicenter at sea (Openstreetview)

Some reports also come from Pescara, especially on the upper floors of the buildings, the rumor on social media was immediately triggered. The last earthquake with an epicenter in the sea felt by the population, which was felt in particular along the Picene coast, was recorded last May 30th with magnitude 3.3.

Today’s quake was preceded by another milder one, of magnitude 2.4, always at sea, at 11.22 and with a depth of 30 kilometers and followed by an earthquake of magnitude 3 at 13.39.

Trains stopped on the Adriatic route

As mentioned, the railway traffic has been suspended as a precaution on the Adriatic line, between Porto San Giorgio and Alba Adriatica. The technicians of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Group) are working to check the status of the line, which will last at least until 17.30. A replacement bus service has been activated: they are interested in the block three Frecciarossa (two for Milan and one for Lecce) and some regional trains .. Between Porto d’Ascoli and Offida and between San Benedetto del Tronto and Porto d’Ascoli traffic proceeds with precautionary speed reduction.

No damage

No damage to buildings or people: the Department of Civil Protection at the end of the checks carried out with the operating rooms of the two regions and with the local authorities. TO Cupra Marittima it’s at Grottammarethe mayors have activated the Coc and started a series of inspections in the educational establishmentsin particular in middle schools, which they will host from tomorrow exams.

Ingv: seismic zone

The development of the Ingv (the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) explains that the area of ​​the Adriatic Sea, facing the Marche coast, is frequently hit by earthquakes: in particular, a few kilometers north of the location of the last events of May and June 2022, an important seismic sequence in 1987 with several earthquakes even with a magnitude greater than 4.0, up to magnitude 4.9.

In addition, it remembers the earthquake of August 16, 1882 occurred off the coast of San Benedetto del Tronto (in the province of Ascoli) with an estimated magnitude equal to Mw 5.2. The seismic hazard of this area is considered medium. Earthquakes even stronger than the one that took place today – the Institute warns – are possible although the probability of their occurrence, that is the frequency, is not particularly high.

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