Earthquake in Nova: Hot-tempered and irritable Studenková

Viewers who would have guessed that the actress will play a doctor in Ordinac, however, will be surprised. “I come to Kamenice as Lívia. She is a strong and confident woman, yet broken in the present moment in light of what has happened to her. She is accompanied by her younger son – a doctor who is the last person left in her life. Due to the trauma experienced, Lívia is mentally unstable, irritable and constantly irritated, so acting is a grateful character,” she presents Zdena Studenková a new character.

Zdena Studenková admitted: I would never let my breasts be touched!

“Even though I’m completely different in character from her, I try to find at least some understanding and sympathize with her, although in most scenes it’s not entirely possible. I hope that despite Lívia’s complexity, the audience will find a way to her. If only because he stirs up the stoner waters nicely with his deeds. There is definitely no boredom with her,” added the popular actress.

No offense to Zuzana Bubílková: Jágr’s moderator, sculptures of Studénková and Brzbohatý

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