Earthquake in Indonesia: nearly 20 dead and 300 injured

Nearly 20 people were killed and at least 300 were injured in an earthquake that struck the island of Java in Indonesia on Monday, an official from the worst-hit city told local media.

“According to the information I have at the moment, in this hospital alone, almost twenty people have died and at least 300 are being treated. Most have broken bones after being trapped in the rubble of buildings,” said Herman Suherman, head of Cianjur city administration, on Metro TV.

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck an area south of the Indonesian capital on Monday, where the quake shook buildings. It happened near the town of Cianjur, some 100 kilometers south of Jakarta.

People rushed out of the buildings. Mayadita Waluyo, a 22-year-old lawyer, described the panic of employees, rushing to the emergency exits of the buildings. “I was working when the ground shook. I could clearly feel the shaking,” she recounted.

AFP journalists working in their office, located in a tower in Jakarta, were also ordered to evacuate the building. Indonesia is located on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, which means that it suffers from frequent earthquakes.

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