"Early vacation" : Jean Dujardin’s wife, Nathalie Péchalat, is drinking "humiliation"in swimming suit

A few days ago, she announced on Instagram that she had taken note of her defeat to be re-elected as president of the French Ice Sports Federation. Nathalie Péchalat lost against Gwenaëlle Noury, who won 52.3% of the vote on June 25. And Jean Dujardin’s wife had it very bad…

“Early Vacation”

In a sober message, the one who had taken over the command of the institution in the midst of the Me Too scandal estimated: “A page of momentum and effort is turning… Congratulations to our entire federal team mobilized for the general interest. A big thank you for this adventure at 1,000 km / h of crisis management, management, sports, emotion, relentlessness and sharing“. Behind the scenes, she let her anger burst out on RMC Sport.

And for good reason, in 2020, she mobilized after the resignation of Didier Gailhaguet, whose reputation had been tarnished by the Sarah Abitbol affair. Two years later, the candidate who won is none other than a close friend of this decried president. For Nathalie Péchalat, it is necessarily a blow. She therefore railed with our colleagues: “I find it humiliating and disrespectful”. And to add:It’s an interstellar disgrace to all of ice sports.“.

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She who had promised to “take a step back and return to (her) life before”, found her children, Jeanne and Alice, and offered herself a well-deserved rest. This July 5, she shared a photo in Instagram story, from her place of “early vacation“. She who probably did not plan to be on leave so soon, after the non-renewal of her mandate, took pleasure in practicing another sliding sport…

Is Jean Dujardin on the trip?

Nathalie Péchalat offered herself a water ski tour, and posed in a swimsuit, to the delight of her subscribers. We don’t know if Jean Dujardin is on the trip. On June 8, he was on the set of the Alphonse series, directed by Nicolas Bedos, in the company of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Pierre Arditi, Nicole Garcia, and Laura Morente.


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