Each of the songs of “Corazón malherido”: the soundtrack of the Netflix film

The new one Netflix romantic movie is causing a sensation with the love story between a soldier and a singer. “wounded hearts” also has a soundtrack that plays an important role, accompanying the moments of romance, difficulties and anguish.

The plot of the film revolves around luke and cassietwo seemingly incompatible people who decide to marry solely for benefits and money. However, and perhaps predictably, they end up developing feelings for each other.

The actors in charge of giving life to these characters, based on the book by Tess Wakefield, are Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson. The artist, known for being Evie in Disney’s “Descendants”plays an important role in the film’s soundtrack.

In “Wounded Hearts”, an aspiring singer agrees to marry a Marine for convenience, but a tragedy transforms their fake relationship into a very real one (Photo: Netflix)


“Corazón malheridos” perfectly combines covers of iconic rock songs with original compositions in a soundtrack, which is performed entirely by Sofia Carson.

He has experience making themes for movies and, on this occasion, they are incorporated into the same scenes of the film, since her character Cassie Salazar is a singer. Then we leave you the list of the songs that have been part of “Corazones malheridos”.

1. “Sweet Caroline” by Sofia Carson

This is a cover of a classic Neil Diamond song, which floods a large part of the premises of the southern United States. It can be heard in the bar where Cassie works the night she first meets Luke.

2. “Feel it still” by Sofia Carson

The original performer of the song is Portugalbut the artist did another good cover that plays the night she almost passed out because she couldn’t buy her diabetes medication.

3. “Come back home” by Sofia Carson

This theme can be heard in various circumstances such as when Cassie just made it upinspired by Luke being sent to Iraq, and then performs it in various presentations he has with his band. The song was very successful and went viral, which greatly benefited her career.

4. “I hate the way” by Sofia Carson

The song appears at various times in “Corazones malheridos”. first in the montage of Cassie singing live and Luke doing physical training. In addition, she performs it again in the tavern the same night that she throws her alleged husband out of the house because her past as an addict returned and this time it affected the mother of the protagonist.

5. “Blue Side of the Sky” by Sofia Carson

This is another original theme from the movie, which is supposed to have been a composition by Cassie. However, a part of the song Luke plays it for his familywhen everyone was cooking. In addition, this theme is also heard in the end credits.

6. “I didn’t know” by Sofia Carson

Cassie performs this song near the end of the movie, where she realizes she loves Luke, which makes sense with the title translating to “I didn’t know.” After this presentation, she returns to confess her love for him and they both decide that, after all, their marriage is real.

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