€ 4,799 is the sum that Philippe paid to go and live the Brazilian dream during the 2014 World Cup: “I’m still waiting for my money!”

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4,799 euros. This is the sum that Philippe Richoux paid to go and live the Brazilian dream during the 2014 World Cup. The little Belgians are in Brazil, yes, but at what cost? At the time, the deplorable state of the campsite advertised as “luxurious” was a terrible surprise. Here are many photos on site …

The story made a lot of noise, but the man from Brûly-de-Couvin is indignant at not seeing things move. “It’s already been 7 years and I’m still waiting for my money. “

If the supporter of the Devils admits to having “nevertheless” had a good time in Rio, the pill does not pass. He remembers the state of the campsite as if it were yesterday.

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“It stank! ”

“We had to have electricity and wi-fi in the tents, instead we had to fight over the plugs at a place on the campsite to be able to charge the phones. “Looking back at the photos, we can tell the man is still upset. “I got up at dawn. If we arrived in the showers after 6 a.m., it stank and there was no more room anyway. “

The “Devillage” was the result of a partnership between the Belgian Football Union and the tour operator Sun Reizen. A guarantee of quality for the supporters who ventured there. And yet …

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