Dybala at Inter, there is a hitch. Agreement in the balance for economic reasons: what Joya asks, what Marotta wants to give

None smoked white: for the agreement (if any) between Dybala and theInter we will have to wait. The problem is i money: the will of the entourage of the Joya to go to Inter is all there, but as long as you consider him a absolute top player even at the level of engagement, perhaps on a par with those who take the most, but never with one salary inferior. And therefore, if Lautaro And Brozovic earn more than 6 million euros per season the fixed basis must also be for Dybala according to its prosecutors: and therefore for now there is distance from what is offered by Beppe Marotta, around 5.5 million euros plus bonuses. Non-sidereal distances, let it be clear, if the offer were brought to the 6 million colleagues for the fixed part, plus another million reachable with bonuses linked to appearances, goals and wins, then it could arrive smoked white. We will probably meet again today, maybe in videoconference with the Argentine’s agent Jorge Antun to try to bring the parties closer: it is possible that already on Wednesday we can find an agreement and make it Dybala a Nerazzurri player, going to compose an attack with LautaroLukaku (if he came), Dzeko And Correa a stellar attack … perhaps too much for any of the stars in question.

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