During ‘Far from Las Vegas’, Sussi La Cour had to change its name: That’s why my name is Katja K

Like Katja Kean, she was the queen of porn. One of the world’s biggest stars in that field until she decided to pull the plug. Now – after many years of dormancy – she has resurrected. But like Katja K.

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“Because I actually must not call myself Katja Kean at all,” says Sussi la Cour.

It was play with words that a little over 25 years ago made the now 53-year-old actor invent an appropriate artist name that could be used internationally.

She fell in love with the English word ‘keen’, which can be translated as ‘eager’. And that was her. Eager to get started on his new career.

With a little paraphrase, ‘keen’ became Kean. She added another Katja and a star was born.

She managed to record more than 30 cover porn films, primarily in the United States under that artist name. All was well. Right up until around the turn of the millennium, she returned home to Denmark to star in Casper Christensen’s sitcom ‘Far from Las Vegas’.

Then hell broke loose.

»I was contacted by a family named Kean who was of Irish descent, but lived in Denmark. And Denmark was obviously the only country in the world with protected naming rules, “says Sussi la Cour and continues:

“They wrote that I should not call myself Kean, because their family name should not be tarnished, should not be associated with porn.”

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Sussi la Cour understands well the young women who sugardate and are on the internet platform OnlyFans.

Sussi la Cour understands well the young women who sugardate and are on the internet platform OnlyFans.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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At first, however, the family met only the shaking of the head from Sussi la Cour, who had no plans to drop the name that had made her famous. But soon the case ended in court.

“It was completely surreal,” she says with a smile about the scenes that unfolded in court when the family’s lawyer had to prove she had used their name.

Furthermore, it turned out that the mother in the family was named Kate, and in the phone book used at the time was listed as K. Kean.

“According to what they claimed in court, the mother apparently received nightly calls from, among others, Italian filmmakers who wanted to get hold of Katja Kean and called her.”

»Because we have the name rules in Denmark, I ended up losing the case and must not call myself Katja Kean. At least not in Denmark, “she says of the reason why she has now resurrected. But like Katja K.

However, the Kean family has nothing to fear in that regard. For Sussi la Cour has no plans to revive her old profession with hardcore porn movies.

»Been there, done that. I am a mature woman of 53 years now. I’m not going to do hardcore porn again. I have to make digital erotic art. I have other plans, “smiles Katja K.

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