During anorexia: Doreen Steinert was afraid of sugar

Doreen Steinert (36) looks back on her eventful past. The singer became known throughout Germany as a Popstars winner and then as a member of the band Nu Pagadi. After the band broke up, the former talent show candidate became a little quieter. The native of Potsdam can currently be seen on Celebrity Big Brother. Now she spoke about a very moving topic: doreen was once anorexic.

“I stopped eating and then slipped into anorexia,” she said doreen review their past. The reason for this was the end of a relationship, after which the 36-year-old felt very lonely. “I then also developed a fear of sugar. Later on, bulimia, bulimic attacks, came along. At some point, this will lead to you no longer having any social contacts. You only think about eating or starving,” Sido’s ex-girlfriend (41) opened in front of the cameras.

Because her life was all about eating and starving doreen completely lost contact with their social environment. “I couldn’t meet anyone anymore. Eating was associated with panic for me. I scared everyone away. I was completely alone with myself”, she explained. After two years, she finally conquered anorexia.

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“Popstars” band Nu Pagadi
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Doreen Steinert in September 2022

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