Durg News: Encroachment removed in Kesara

Durg. The Revenue Department, Police Department and Gram Panchayat had to make a lot of effort to remove the encroachment in village Kesara of Patan development block. When the revenue team reached for the first time to remove the encroachment, the encroachment could not be removed due to the protest. Today, when the team reached for the second time with the force, the encroachment was removed with the help of the panchayat and the villagers.

The selected place for village development in village Kesara was encroached upon by some people of the village itself. The complaint was made by the Gram Panchayat to the Revenue Department. For the first time, when Naib Tehsildar Alok Verma had arrived with the entire team, some villagers had come forward as a protest. Because of this the encroachment could not be removed there. On Thursday, Naib Tehsildar Alok Verma, along with the police administration and revenue team, once again reached village Kesra to remove the encroachment, where the strategy to remove the encroachment was made by taking the first meeting in the Gram Panchayat. Cooperation in this work was also provided by the officials of the Gram Panchayat. After this, the entire team reached the spot together to remove the encroachment. There was some protest even today, but due to the police force and the entire team of the Panchayat, the protestors could not succeed and today the encroachment was removed. Tell me

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The spirits of the encroachers are very high in village Kesara. Encroachment has also been done at the identified places of the village. For the work to be done for village development at these identified places, a mark has been made by the Gram Panchayat, but due to encroachment, the village development had started getting affected, due to which the sarpanch and public representatives of the village cooperated with the revenue police to remove the encroachment. Had asked After this, today under the leadership of Naib Tehsildar Alok Verma, action was taken to remove the encroachment.

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During this, the Panchayat representatives present there told that encroachment has been done at many places in the village. Continuous action will be taken to remove them too. No one will be left out. In the matter of removal of encroachment, all the Panchayat representatives are of one vote. Along with this, the villagers also want that the occupation of the village should be removed from the government land.

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