Durg News: Accused of raping a four-year-old innocent sentenced to life in jail

Durg. S Sunil Kumar, the sweeper of the school, accused of raping a four-year-old minor girl studying in nursery class at MGM School, Sector-6, Bhilai, has been sentenced to life in jail by the court. In the case, Pratibha Holkar, in-charge of nursery section, school’s correspondent Sajan Thomas has been sentenced to six months imprisonment and school principal Daniel Varghese has been sentenced to one year imprisonment.

The incident is of 24 February 2016. After returning home from school on the date of incident, the innocent complained to his parents about pain in his genitals. On interrogation, the girl told the parents that for the past few days, school sweeper Sunil Kumar used to take her behind the school and touch her body. After getting information about the incident, the parents reached the school and informed the management about the matter. But the management did not take any action. The anger of other parents increased after getting information about this act with a four-year-old innocent in the school. At the same time, the father of the victim student lodged a written complaint about the incident at Bhilai Nagar police station. The police registered an offense against the said accused in different sections and presented the case in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Dr. Mamta Bhojwani for hearing. While delivering the verdict in the case after trial in the court, it was said that this incident of committing such a heinous crime with a minor girl in a reputed school like MGM School, shaming the entire humanity, has created a feeling in the mind of the common man about a holy institution like school. has created distrust. The court has also said that necessary steps should be taken to prevent such heinous crimes from happening in the schools in future as the school is the second home for the children.

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