Dungeons & Dragons: a first trailer for the new adaptation

Scheduled for March 2023, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves” is already being unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con with a first trailer.

Dungeons & Dragons : new attempt

It was in the 1970s that the younger generation discovered one of the very first tabletop role-playing games: Dungeons and Dragons. Set in a universe of fantasy, the game allows participants to create their own story and embody different types of characters by following their own rules decided beforehand. As the games unfold with dice, writing materials and a lot of imagination, Courtney Solomon saw the possibility of making a filmic work out of it. Ten years after having acquired the adaptation rights, he thus achieves The first movie Dungeons & Dragons in 2000.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves ©Paramount

A disreputable feature film which does not particularly do well at the box office, but which nevertheless had the right to two sequels in 2005 and 2012. Seeing that the popularity of fantasy is high today (Game of Thrones, The Witcherthe use of role-playing in Stranger Things), Hollywood retries the cost with Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves.

A trailer unveiled

Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein, the project was born of an association between Hasbro and Paramount (originally with Warner Bros). To ensure that it attracted a large audience, the production sought a solid cast.

We will thus find the serious Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguezas well as Justice Smith, Regé-Jean Pageand Sophia Lillis, who will form a group of thieves having stolen what was not needed from the wrong person. A curse has been unleashed and they’ll have to fix it.

Paramount has therefore unveiled the first trailer (in one article). Images offered at the San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place from July 21 to 24. We thus discover a rather comical tone which goes well for a fantastic adventure which promises to be energetic and rhythmic.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves will be released in theaters March 1, 2023.

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