Dune: Part 2, Luca Guadagnino visited the set and praises the work done by the production designers

Director Luca Guadagnino had the opportunity to visit the set of Dune: Part 2 in Budapest, being fascinated by the work done on the sets.

Luca Guadagnino had the opportunity to visit the set of Dunes: Part 2 while the young stars Timothee Chalamet And Zendaya they were busy in Budapest.
The director, who collaborated with both, then praised the work done by the team working on the sequel in terms of the construction of the sets and the level achieved in creating in detail the world inspired by the novels of Frank Herbert.

The Italian director, interviewed by Rotten Tomatoeshe has declared: “I went to Budapest to meet Zendaya and Timmy, and we were recording Zendaya audio tracks for Challengers“. Luca Guadagnino then added: “I went to the backlot and saw a huge set of Dunes. I went there and touched everything there, the helicopter. That was a moment where I could see that it was done beautifully. I mean, wow“.

Denis Villeneuve returned to work behind the camera on the sequel in July and is well-known for his focus on creating spectacular and exciting sci-fi universes, similar to what happened in Blade Runner 2049 and, even earlier, Arrival .

Dune and Foundation: the time of great science fiction has arrived

In the second film, between the pages, Paul and Chani have a romantic relationship during their adventures in the desert of Arrakis. The young woman, already a Fremen warrior, is then trained by learning new lethal ways to fight against the Harkonnen.

In the cast of Dune: Part 2 there will also be Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, Léa Seydoux and Christopher Walken respectively in the roles of Princess Irulan, Feyd-Rautha, Lady Margot and Emperor Shaddam IV.

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