Dulce María and her shameful first kiss with Kuno Becker in “First love … at 1000 × hour”

Dulce María rose to international fame in 2004 when she participated in “Rebel”, Mexican soap opera where she played Roberta Pardo. In addition, he won the affection of the public for having been part of the RBD group with Anahí, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, becoming an icon of pop music.

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Now 36, Dulce María is married to producer Paco Álvarez and enjoying her time as a mother. In December 2020, he welcomed his first daughter María Paula, the great love of his life.

In a recent interview for Pinky Promise, Sweet Maria He told a shameful anecdote that he lived when he recorded the telenovela “First love … at 1000 × hour” in the year 2000. And it is that the Mexican artist lived an uncomfortable moment with Kuno Becker that until now she remembers. What happened? Here we tell you the details.

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Dulce María began her career in 1990, at the age of five, when she joined television commercials and, three years later, she joined the children’s television series Plaza Sésamo (Photo: Dulce María / Instagram)


The actors and actresses live all kinds of anecdotes on the recording sets, especially those related to romantic scenes. This is the case of Dulce María, the former RBD who recalled an uncomfortable moment with her colleague Kuno Becker.

It was the year 2000 when Dulce María recorded the successful Televisa melodrama “First love … at 1000 × hour”, where she played Britanny, along with Kuno Becker, Ana Layevska and Valentino Lanús, among other well-known actors of that time.

The Mexican artist had a kiss scene with actor Kuno Becker in the soap opera. At that time, Dulce María had no experience recording this type of scene as it was her first on-screen kiss.

Recently, the Mexican singer and actress recalled in an interview for the Pinky Promise program the shameful moment she lived when she kissed actor Kuno Becker. His inexperience in this type of scene played a trick on him.

“The first time I had to kiss someone was at 1000 x hour and it was Kuno Becker and I had no idea how I had to kiss,” began Dulce.

“Then I asked him that, in fact, I think the director was Pardo: ‘I’ve never kissed in a novel, what do I do?’ ‘You come and kiss him’. And I say: ‘But just like normal?’ ‘Yes’. I also asked him and he said: ‘Yes, you come and give me…’ ”, the actress continued explaining.

“I arrived and I didn’t even realize it until I saw that everyone was like this that they had stuck their tongues out. What a bear it gave me! “, Said the former RBD member.

Dulce María recognized that when she realized what she had done, she did not want to leave her house because she felt very ashamed. “I was like this death of grief because nobody told me that it was not done,” he concluded.

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