Duki was about to burn his whole body: the chilling photo in the middle of the flames

Duki He is considered one of the most relevant national artists of the moment. For this reason, there was a lot of expectation for his first presentation of the year, which had sold-out tickets, something usual for the singer. The live show took place at AtPark, a new venue in Mar del Plata.

As is often the case, his show only praised the artist. But nevertheless, went to his Twitter account to reveal a detail that could have ended in a tragedy above the stage. Part of the staging of his recitals include flames of fire that accompany the songs and the energy of Mauro Lombardo.

The adrenaline of the show was such that at one point the flames reached the singer and this was recorded in a photo that was spread as a meme on Twitter. Given this, the young man shared it and added a chilling fact. “This photo is real. Yesterday I almost set myself on fire at the show. Duko aka (better known as) human torch”, he wrote in a joking tone for the incident that he had to live.

Duki explained what happened in Mar del Plata.

He even added in another tweet as a response: “I was so primed I didn’t feel a thing.” According to what he reported, the moment he was in contact with the fire did not leave any sequelae on his skin or burns. In addition, in an Instagram post he explained what happened: “When you accidentally step on top of flamethrowers.”

The shocking photo of Duki setting himself on fire on stage.

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