Duki broke the silence about the rumors of infidelity of Emilia Mernes: "stop messing around"

Duki Y Emilia Mernes They are one of the couples of the moment. Despite the good professional moment they are experiencing, they gained a lot of impact after whitewashing their relationship that has already been going on for many months. Nevertheless, they had to face different rumors of infidelity on the part of the singer.

A few weeks ago, a series of videos of the artist were published in a stream together with coscuwhere he was also present Mauro Lombardo Y there was a certain connection between the two. This time a new material appeared in which The former “Rombai” is seen dancing with a young man at the Fiesta Bresh in Madrid, Spain.

on tik tok They discovered that Emilia Mernes was supporting the ass… of a guy in the Bresh from Madrid all night hahaha. Poor Duki, he’s so cuckold”, wrote the user @badgyaItom next to the images of the event in the old continent. True to his style, the ragpicker responded to said material with great sincerity.

“Or maybe Emilia went out with her Sony team, which Paco (the guy we see there) is a part of. For God’s sake stop messing with our relationship., exclaimed the artist about the video that went viral hours before. In addition, he detailed his good present: With Emilia I live every day 24 hours a day And you don’t even know.”

Duki’s message about Emilia Mernes’s infidelity rumors.

Duki completed in a tweet about the controversy surrounding the couple: “I ask you not to give your opinion anymore, it really affects us“. In any case, they are very close on social networks and seek to distance the versions that complicate them.

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