Duki and Bizarrap posted Session #50 and surpassed six million views in three hours

Before the Argentine National Team have won the America’s Cup in 2021, Duki and Bizarrap had promised that they would release a song together. Even though the fans were waiting for over a year and Different speculations were made about the long-awaited songthe boyfriend of Emilia Mernes and the producer decided to release it on Wednesday, November 16.

Listen to Session #50 between Duki and Bizarrap!

Both announced the news through their social networks and had communicated that the Session could be heard from 9:00 p.m. in Argentina. Nevertheless, the artists decided to surprise their followers and perform an Instagram livein which more than 300 thousand people participated, and They reported that the single would actually be available at 7:00 p.m.

In just twenty minutes, The video already had more than 400 thousand “likes”, 20 thousand comments and 1,330,662 views. Likewise, the song moves fans of duki to its beginnings since you can listen to an extract of the battles of The Fifth Step. The same happened with the recitals that the ragpicker performed where he took a tour of his entire artistic career..

Also, Bizarrap and Duki warned that they had a long time to prepare the song and that generated a peace of mind since they did not have to rush. That was recognized by the fans of the two, because after a few minutes, the song is a success and will surely be among the most listened to songs at the end of the year.

Duki and Bizarrap in the recordings of “Malbec”, another of the songs they made together.

Meanwhile, both are concentrating on their respective artistic careers, but in their free time they take the opportunity to see “Big Brother”. Duki and Bizarrap were in favor of Agustín and began with “La Frodoneta”.

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