Duilio Vallebuona ignores Samantha Batallanos and asks for help to find his dog

Duilio Vallebuona is not having a good time and not precisely because of him’ampay‘ in which he starred with beauty queen Samantha Batallanos, but because of the disappearance of his pet named ‘Tanque’.

The former reality boy continues to walk the streets of Mala looking for his dog that was lost eight days ago. When asked by the double ‘ampay’ of the former Miss Peru Grand 2021, the professional tennis player only had words of gratitude for her for helping him find her dog.

“We have put up a lot of posters in Mala, I am really grateful for your help. She has helped me look for my puppy, she was an extra help because if she had done it, it would have taken me much longer”, he pointed out, thus avoiding referring to the controversial ampay.

After reiterating that Samantha Batallanos is just a friend, Duilio Vallebuona showed once again that for now he is only focused on finding his four-legged friend.

“SIf you have seen my tank dog, contact the number I have left here or call ‘Gossipphone’, as they ‘support’ me, you can also call for my puppy”, he narrowed. For any information on the whereabouts of Duilio Vallebuona’s pet, you can call 999-278-303.

What did Samantha Batallanos say?

Prior to the broadcast of the double ‘ampay’, a ‘Urraco’ from “Magaly TV, the firm” contacted the model to find out what her relationship is with Duilio Vallebuona and Jonathan Maicelo, however, she only managed to beg the reporter that he did not spread these images because he had a partner and he is neither of them.

“Today we have you in some pictures with Jonathan Maicelo training and kissing you, are they a couple?” Was the question of the show program researcher. “Don’t take that out please, I’m skinny, I ask you as a favor”answered Batallanos, evidently concerned.


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