Duda Reis injures knee during trail ride: "I couldn’t even step on the floor."

Through her Instagram Stories, the actress and digital influencer Duda Reis explained the reason for his absence on social media for the past five days. Duda reveals that he ended up injuring his meniscus during a hike.

According to the website of Dr. Pedro Giglio, menisci are two internal structures of the knee, formed by fibrocartilage, which serve to absorb and distribute force and impacts, in addition to contributing to knee stability. We have a meniscus on the outside of the knee (lateral), and one on the inside of the knee (medial).

“I disappeared for about five days. On the day I did the trail, I accepted the brilliant idea of ​​jumping from two rocks to cut a path. In what I jumped, I fell very badly. With the adrenaline I didn’t feel it. I managed to finish the trail. But the next day I woke up in a lot of pain, I couldn’t even step on the floor because of the pain, or walk… Going up stairs, forget it. A lot, a lot of pain. I called my father, an orthopedist, and he said: ‘come home now’. I did all the tests possible, we were very afraid of having torn a ligament, but I have a very strong inflammation in the meniscus. That’s why I’m having difficulty walking. The pain is much better. But that’s why I was missing”, she said. doubt.

During her hospital stay, she took advantage of the moment to have a contraceptive implant. The influencer reveals that she almost fainted at the sight of so much blood. “As I was already in the hospital to do more tests and take medication, I took the opportunity to put my contraceptive chip again. It was going to expire. It lasts three years. It doesn’t hurt, you take local anesthesia. But I feel bad. I have a lot of phobia to see blood,” he explained.

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