Duchess Meghan + Prince Harry: Will they not receive an invitation to Charles’ coronation?

King Charles’ coronation ceremony is scheduled to take place in May next year. Whether Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are invited to the celebration depends on very different things.

On May 6, 2023 the time has come – King Charles’, 74, coronation ceremony is imminent. Preparations are already in full swing, but two members of the British royal family are said to have not yet received an invitation to the historic event: Prince Harry, 38, and Duchess Meghan, 41. Experts now suspect that the reason for this is Harry’s shortly before publication standing memoirs and the joint Netflix documentary.

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan: Will there be another dig at his family?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have allowed themselves one or two taunts against the British Royals in the past. In 2020, they decided to step down from their royal duties. Since the legendary Oprah Winfrey interview in March 2021, in which the two even accused an unnamed member of the British monarchy of racism, the relationship with the prince’s family has been particularly tense. Now the Netflix documentary about Harry and Meghan, which is due in December, and Harry’s memoirs, which will be released on January 10, 2023, are causing speculation about the two appearing at the coronation ceremony.

“It all depends on what we will see in the next few months”

In the new episode of the royal podcast “Royally US”, presenter Christine Ross now reports, according to “Express”, that the couple who have emigrated to America could hope for an invitation to the coronation and imagines that the waves will be smoothed out at least a little after the memoirs are published could. Her co-host Christina Garibaldi complements her colleague’s thought, saying that the invitation to the coronation “depends on what’s in this book” and “in this documentary.” Ross adds: “I totally agree with you, you know, there are a lot of rumors about last minute changes being made.”

Source used: express.co.uk


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