Duchess Meghan: Duchess Meghan "want answers"! Scandal after Harry’s UN speech

Duchess Meghan
She fumes about empty seats during Harry’s UN speech

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry at the United Nations in New York on July 18, 2022.

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently traveled to New York for International Nelson Mandela Day, where Harry addressed the United Nations. But the event should not have gone as Meghan and Harry had hoped.

It was a great moment for Prince Harry: On July 18, 2022, the 37-year-old spoke to the UN General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the occasion of International Nelson Mandela Day. Harry received support from his wife Duchess Meghan, 41, who of course accompanied him to the Big Apple and listened to his speech carefully.

Duchess Meghan “wants answers”

But in addition to Meghan and other representatives of the United Nations, the stands of the hall are said to have been surprisingly empty – and that is exactly the problem. As royal expert Neil Sean claims to have learned, Harry’s appearance was “very difficult”. “It kind of looked like a British pantomime that wasn’t sold out,” says Sean in his new YouTube video, emphasizing: “All those empty seats are never a good picture.”

According to Neil Sean, the UN’s justification is that Harry’s speech “wasn’t really well publicized” beforehand. But that’s “nonsense,” you ask the Royal experts. The Sussexes’ performance was announced “in the media of the world”.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

That should probably bother the Duchess of Sussex. “Meghan obviously wants answers because they traveled all the way from California to spend time in New York and when they arrived they weren’t greeted in the way they expected,” Sean said.

Prince Harry makes a declaration of love for Meghan at the United Nations

In his UN speech, Prince Harry spoke, among other things, about the dangers of climate change, the corona pandemic, the “weapons of lies and disinformation”, the war in Ukraine and the abortion law in the USA. He also made his love for Africa clear; after the death of his mother, the continent was a place of encouragement for him, “where I always found peace and healing,” said Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, 96. “Here I am felt closest to my mother and sought comfort after she passed.”

He also shares his passion for this special place with his wife Meghan. Shortly after they first met in 2016, Harry invited the former actress to accompany him to Botswana. Here he noticed “that I had found a soul mate in my wife,” said Harry’s touching declaration of love at the United Nations.

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