Duchess Meghan: Duchess Meghan does not even interview her podcast guests herself

Duchess Meghan
Apparently she doesn’t interview her podcast guests herself

Duchess Meghan

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Criticism for Duchess Meghan: Prince Harry’s wife apparently does not conduct some interviews for her podcast “Archetypes” herself. This has now become clear through an Instagram post from a guest.

Does Duchess Meghan, 41, not even speak to some of the guests in her podcast “Archetypes”? That’s the impression one gets from examining an Instagram post by feminist and author Allison Yarrow.

Doesn’t Duchess Meghan do any interviews for her podcast?

Allison guest-starred on the November 8 episode of “To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’?”, which saw Meghan discuss the B-word with powerful women like businesswoman Mellody Hobson, 53, and actress Victoria Jackson, 63 and its improper use, especially by men. Allison Yarrow also has his say, her posts were placed between Meghan’s comments.

And it is precisely this procedure that is now being discussed again as a topic in the media. Because it seems Allison’s statements were only cut into the podcast episode. Of course, this also happens in other podcasts, but at least one would think that Meghan previously conducted a personal interview with the journalist. But that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Criticism after Allison Yarrow’s Instagram post

Allison promoted the podcast with an Instagram post back in August when the episode was taped. Captioning a photo she appears to be showing in the studio, she wrote: “I’m excited to be part of the visionary series #Archetypes, hosted by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, which aims to analyze and subvert the archetypes the women oppress The first episode (available now, link in bio) features a recent interview with another legend @Serenawilliams Cheers to the producer @farrahsafari (an excellent interviewer) and the folks at @Gimlet @spotify for pulling this off to have!”

So it becomes clear here that not Meghan herself, but the producer conducted the interview with Allison. Some of Allison’s followers do not like this fact at all. “It’s interesting that she didn’t interview you personally. It shows the value she has in people who don’t have enough $,” one comment reads.

Not an isolated case that Meghan receives criticism for her podcast. Recently there have been angry comments because she greeted the British presenter and actress Jameela Jamil, 36, with a played British accent.

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