Duchess Catherine: Absolutely taboo! This strict upbringing rule applies to their kids

Duchess Catherine attaches great importance to raising her three children mostly without nannies. This also includes being strict from time to time. Because certain behavior is absolutely not tolerated at Cambridge.

Duchess Catherine, 40, can be a strict mother if need be. As sweet and nice as she usually seems when dealing with her three royal offspring in public, she sometimes gets tough in private, a source tells the British tabloid “Daily Mirror”.

Duchess Catherine: This is absolutely taboo for George, Charlotte and Louis

Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, have a nanny, but their parents Prince William, 40, and Kate attach great importance to taking care of their children themselves for the most part. The royal offspring should grow up as normally as possible.

This does not always include only beautiful sides. Sometimes the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth, 96 – like all other children – can be really cheeky and stubborn. According to the insider, when the mood gets too heated at such moments, a strict parenting rule applies, which William and Kate would strictly adhere to. “The children are absolutely ‘off-limits’ from yelling and any suggestion of yelling at each other will result in a eviction,” the source said.

William and Kate act consistently

If one of the children does not follow the rule, they must leave the room. “The naughty child becomes the scene of the quarrel […] taken away,” says the insider.

Prince George

The royal parents would then calmly talk to George, Charlotte or Louis and show them the consequences of their actions. Yelling at William and Kate? That is absolutely taboo.

Source used: mirror.co.uk


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