Duchess Camilla: The Queen gives her a task from Prince Philip (†)

News about the British royals in the GALA ticker: Duchess Camilla inherits patronage from Prince Philip (†) +++ This is the great weakness of Mike and Zara Tindall’s daughter Mia +++ Duchess Catherine reveals which superhero Prince Louis is particularly fond of .

Royal News 2022 in the GALA ticker

May 13, 2022

Queen Elizabeth hands Duchess Camilla significant patronage from Prince Philip (†)

Duchess Camilla, 74, has long been part of the family for Queen Elizabeth, 96. Now the monarch is giving her daughter-in-law a special honor. A good year after the death of Prince Philip, † 99, the wife of Prince Charles, 73, can now take over the patronage of the “Book Aid International” foundation. A task that Prince Philip held for 50 years until his death on April 9, 2021. The charity provides books to refugee camps, schools, community libraries, hospitals and even prisons worldwide, as the foundation writes on its website. They are places “where people would otherwise not have the opportunity to read.”

Camilla should do the new royal task with a lot of passion. Because the Duchess is known for her love of reading and for her will to make reading and literature possible for everyone in the world. She was also already in contact with the “Book Aid International” foundation herself: in 2018 she opened a library at St. Joseph’s School together with the organization in The Gambia. Duchess Camilla knows that she is following in big footsteps. The vice-patron of the foundation, Lord Paul Boateng, remembers Prince Philip’s time as patron: “I have witnessed the influence and work of His Royal Highness Prince Philip myself and I am very happy that the royal support is now being continued. We are grateful and honored by Duchess Camilla’s help.” And thanks to Camilla’s great passion, the Queen must have chosen just the right person for this symbolic task.

“She’s getting really mad”: Mike Tindall reveals meaningful quality of his daughter Mia

Mia Tindall, 8, not only has a famous great-grandmother in Queen Elizabeth, 96, her parents are also world-famous: Dad Mike Tindall, 43, is a former professional rugby player in England. Mama Zara Tindall, 40, is an Olympic show jumper and daughter of Princess Anne, 71. In an interview with the British “ITV” program “Loose Man”, Mike now reveals a characteristic of his daughter that is not so surprising: she will ” really pissed off” when she loses in a game, he reveals. “I always make sure I win against them a couple of times.” And with good reason: “It’s about her understanding that she has to be able to lose.”

The eight-year-old probably inherited her ambitious streak from her parents. Because this competition is particularly important in professional sports. And precisely because Mike Tindall is just as bad a loser, it is probably very difficult for him to let his children Mia, Lena, 3, and Lucas, 1, win from time to time. “I think to myself every time: ‘I can’t let them win!'” With the children it’s about finding the right balance between winning and losing, as he says. Apparently, the family man wants his children to be able to deal with disappointments and not give up straight away. Does this quality help his children to be as successful in sports as their parents? They should definitely have the right genes for this.

May 12, 2022

Duchess Catherine reveals which superhero Prince Louis admires

Duchess Catherine, 40, has revealed an adorable detail about her youngest son during their trip to Scotland. As part of their Wheatley Group visit, Kate and Prince William, 39, met the Wales family and their son Jason, who is the same age as Louis. When the 40-year-old presents his Spider-Man and Hulk toys, the Duchess is delighted. Because four-year-old Prince Louis also has a favorite among the Marvel superheroes.

“Louis, our little boy, loves Spider-Man too,” reveals Duchess Catherine. It’s a rare glimpse into the private life of the Cambridges. From time to time, Kate and William reveal details about their offspring at public events. It was also announced that Prince George, 8, loves the movie “The Lion King”. It is precisely these details that make the Cambridge family so popular and show that Prince William and his wife are not just royals, but also proud, loving parents.

May 11, 2022

Duchess Catherine and Prince William learn from Baby Saul

What a unique lesson! On May 11, Duchess Catherine, 40, and Prince William, 39, visited St. John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow as part of their mental health trip to Scotland.

On site, the Cambridges learn with the little ones from the little ones. In the “Roots of Empathy” teaching program, William and Kate are allowed to observe the ten-month-old baby Saul Molloy with the students in order to learn to recognize and reflect on their own feelings, but also the feelings of others. The Duchess no longer comes out of amazement William is obviously having fun too, at least as much as the kids present.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine learn from Baby Saul Molloy with the students at St. John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow.

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Prince Charles at the opening of Parliament: Queen Elizabeth watched the moment on TV

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 was a special day for Prince Charles, 73: the heir to the throne represented his mother Queen Elizabeth, 96, and opened the British Parliament by delivering the speech “on behalf of Her Majesty”. It was the first time in 59 years that the monarch was unable to open Parliament herself, her attendance having been canceled a day earlier due to mobility issues.

While Charles’ wife Duchess Camilla, 74, as well as his son Prince William, 39, attended the political event and sat at the side of the Prince of Wales, the Queen should proudly present the speech from Windsor Castle, according to the “Daily Mail”. watched TV. The Queen wants to personally take over the weekly telephone audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 57.

May 10, 2022

British royals: number of stalkers rises to 170

Is the British royal family in danger? As “Mirror” reports, the number of stalkers who are fixated on Queen Elizabeth, 96, Prince Charles, 73, and Co. has increased from 141 to 170 in the past year. Ten of the 170 stalkers are classified by the police at the “highest risk level”, 128 represent a medium risk and only 32 a low risk.

“The vast majority of people who are fixated on the royal family are harmless, but there’s always concern that their obsession could take a worrying turn,” said Dai Davies, the former head of security for the British royal family.

But why has the number of stalkers increased by almost 30? For Dai Davies, the growth could be due to the events surrounding Prince Andrew, 62, and Prince Harry, 37, in recent months: “It would not surprise me in the slightest if the negative media coverage of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry related, has led to an increase in the number of people reported to the police.”

May 9, 2022

Prince Harry: Will the Netflix deals get in the way of a reconciliation with Prince William?

Since Prince Harry, 37, with Duchess Meghan, 40, left the British monarchy, the relationship between him and his brother Prince William, 39, has been bad. At the Queen’s platinum jubilee, the two will meet again for the first time since July last year. A good way to put past disputes out of the way, isn’t it?

As a palace source reveals, William is very suspicious about his brother’s upcoming visit. Finally, Meghan and Harry recently signed a deal with streaming giant Netflix. William fears the pair will use the Queen’s 70th anniversary to gather information and push themselves to the fore, a source told The Sun. “William wants to talk to Harry to bridge the gap between them, but he’s afraid it might appear on Netflix, Oprah Winfrey, or in Harry’s upcoming book.” And that fear doesn’t seem unfounded, as royal biographer Tom Bower is also suspicious of the former monarch’s visit, telling The Sun: “Kate and William would be stupid if they weren’t suspicious and they would be unwise , if you weren’t careful.”

It remains to be seen whether the once inseparable brothers can still save their relationship.

May 9, 2022

Lady Louise Windsor could move the Queen to tears with this performance

Her appearance at her grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, 96, will probably be one of the most moving moments of the celebrations: Lady Louise Windsor, 18, will drive the late Prince Philip’s carriage, †99, during the Royal Windsor Horse Show, including the “Mirror” reports. The event is designed to give special recognition to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s tremendous contribution to the world of equestrian sport.

Louise’s work on her grandfather’s carriage could not leave a dry eye. Prince Philip drove his carriages with passion and was able to get his granddaughter interested in the sport at an early age. He is said to have personally taught the daughter of his youngest son Prince Edward, 58, how to drive. It is hoped that the Queen will actually be able to witness the granddaughter’s heartwarming tribute to her late husband. The monarch had severely restricted her growing immobility in recent months. She will probably not be able to take part in all the program items for her anniversary. From June 2nd to 5th, 2022, her 70-year reign will be celebrated in a big way: In addition to the traditional horse show, after a two-year Corona break, the “Trooping the Color” birthday parade will finally take place again in the well-known formation. There will also be a concert at Buckingham Palace, a spectacular pageant and, to top it off, street parties and picnics everywhere on June 5th.

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