Duchess Camilla: Duchess Camilla speaks openly about her marriage to Prince Charles

Duchess Camilla celebrates her debut in British “Vogue”. In the interview, she speaks openly about the ups and downs in her marriage to Prince Charles.

With her first interview in British “Vogue”, Duchess Camilla, 74, not only celebrates a premiere, but also offers a unique look behind the scenes of her royal life. During the conversation, she also describes how difficult her start in the royal family was and what lessons she learned from it.

Duchess Camilla: This is how she keeps her marriage alive

Shortly before her 75th birthday on July 17, 2022, Duchess Camilla looks back on her life so far. An important constant is of course Prince Charles, 73, to whom she has been married for 17 years. Camilla told Vogue that balancing work and marriage “isn’t easy sometimes,” but she and her husband make sure they “sit down and have a cup of tea and talk about the day “.

Even when they travel together, they would always find time for each other: “When we travel, the best thing is when we sit in different corners of the same room and read our books. It’s very relaxing because we know that we don’t miss a conversation . You just sit together and are together.”

The beginning of her relationship with Charles was difficult

The affair of Camilla and Charles, when he was still married to Princess Diana, † 36, made headlines back then. In 1999, two years after Diana’s death, the two were first spotted together again. Even many years later, their relationship was still under scrutiny in the media, Camilla was not exactly popular. Due to the negative public reactions, the beginning of her relationship with the heir to the throne was anything but easy for her.

“I’ve been criticized for so long that you just have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be watched and criticized all the time. But I think in the end I kind of get over it and move on,” she says today. Two decades have passed since then, and Prince Charles’ wife has become increasingly popular. Earlier this year, Camilla was honored by Queen Elizabeth, 96, when she announced that her daughter-in-law would be made Queen Consort once Charles ascended the throne.

She has a photo of Harry and Meghan in the study

Duchess Camilla was photographed in her residence at Clarence House for the interview. The 74-year-old was in a good mood before the shoot and jokingly said to the photographer: “I’m sorry you have to photograph an old bat this morning.” Two of the pictures show the stepmother of Prince Harry, 37, and Prince William, 40, in their study, which is furnished with dark wood furniture.

Not only do the tapestries and several artefacts catch the eye in the room – there is also an exciting detail hidden on Camilla’s desk. There are several family photos lined up, including a wedding picture of Harry and Duchess Meghan, 40, as revealed by “Vogue”. Despite the allegedly strained relationship between Charles and his son, the Sussexes still seem like family to Camilla.

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